Where's Indy


How does EscapEDX combat systemic racism and discrimination?

Indy challenges stereotypes.

Indy's gamemaster, Zakiyah, is a scholarly Arabic role model.

Content that challenges the Western media narrative:

"Saudi Arabia is best known for vast oil reserves (below, right) and the widely misunderstood role of women in their society. Although King Salman just lifted the world's only ban on women drivers in 2017, media misrepresentation has contributed to Saudi Arabian (below, left) stereotypes. Learn more about this complex issue HERE."

"Tom Cruise scaled the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, for Mission Impossible 5 immediately after it was built in 2009. This skyscraper can be found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an oil-rich country leading the Middle East in tolerance education. In order to build better relationships with non-Muslims, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (below, right) in the capital has been renamed “Mary, Mother of Jesus.” Further, the President of the United Arab Emirates (below, left) proclaimed 2019 to be the "The Year of Tolerance" in order to encourage the values of coexistence and diversity."

"Ancient Phoenicians (2000 BCE - 334 BCE) owed their technological achievements, in part, to the geographic benefits enjoyed by other early civilizations located in the Fertile Crescent (below, center). Advanced ship-builders and sailors, these original inhabitants of Lebanon may have traveled to America long before Europeans like Columbus arrived in 1492. Although famous for creating the Phonecian alphabet, Lebanese culture is known for its art and cuisine, ranked by Travel and Leisure to have the best city in the world (Beirut) for food in 2016."